Welcome to the Meiji Jingu Gaien Junior Ice Hockey Club

The Meiji Jingu Gaien Jr. Ice Hockey Club is a part of the Tokyo Ice Hockey Federation and participates in the Tokyo Junior Ice Hockey League.
The club runs four teams: Grades K-G3 (Lower grades), G4-6 (Upper grades), and G7-9 (Middle school), based on Japanese school system.

The league features teams such as the Seibu White Bears, Edogawa Armors, Higashi Yamato Jr., Takadanobaba Atoms, Tokyo City Univ. Junior High, and Meiji Univ. Nakano Junior High.

The Jingu Jr. Club currently has space available for all the age groups  and has English speaking coaches. We also have a number of foreign nationals playing for the Jingu Jr. teams.
We welcome a free practice and observation. See JOIN section of this website for details.

If you need further information of the Jingu Jr. Club, please feel free to e-mail us in English or Japanese.


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